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Closing Encounters
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You've got the perfect pitch and a great product to sell, but you have difficulty with the closing - especially in addressing the customers' objections. Build confidence through a practice, drill-rehearse method where you can apply the techniques learned in the classroom to real-life situations. By learning what words to use and when to use them, you will improve your closing ratio.


"John is phenomenal! When he leaves, I have a multitude of requests from the participants who attended his sales programs to get him back and quick! John clearly presents a dynamic sales training program!"
~ Mike Boylan, Director of New Home Sales, Sales and Marketing Council
~ Canton, Ohio


Increase your numbers by mastering the art of overcoming objections and other proven closing techniques. Ideal for all sales professionals, this course analyzes the logic behind customer objections, describes the techniques used by master closers, and teaches a systematic approach that minimizes objections in order to maximize sales. Practical exercises, sample dialogue, and proven real-life techniques are all included in this solution-driven course.


"I was extremely impressed with John Palumbo's professionalism and methods for coaching my sales team to become even better.  This was the first time in my history as a developer that a salesperson had come up to me and said, "Thank you." Not only did the sales team love attending John's seminar, but they have asked me to invite him to do an encore."
~ Gil Dezer, President, Trump Grande International

~ Miami, Florida

Course Description:

This course teaches what you will encounter while working the close!  Through the application of a systematic approach to minimizing objections, proven situational techniques, and practical exercises, you  will learn strategies and dialogue necessary for success in closing and handling objections.

Course Topics Include:

  • What's Your Sales DNA?
  • The 5 Step Process for Changing your Sales DNA
  • Why many salespeople never become master closers.
  • How to turn objections into sales. 
  • How to create answers for the most common objections.
  • Key phrases to "Steer the close."
  • Strategies used by master closers. 
  • How to debunk myths such as "Buyers are Liars!" 

"Inspirational, Educational, Clear and Concise.....
John is truly the guru of new home sales. No other new home sales training can begin to compare to what he provides.  I consistently have him train my team of sales professionals. His experiential, story-telling methods makes remembering and applying sales techniques a cinch.  Because of John's seminars, we have increased our sales and ignited our enthusiasm!
~ Mike Friday, Owner, Woodland Homes
~ Huntsville, Alabama

About the Host:

John A. Palumbo

John Palumbo is the CEO of  The Sterling Group, an idea studio for sales and marketing management.  Since 1985, he has presented hundreds of speeches and seminars nationwide on the science of sales and sales management. He has inspired, led, and trained the sales teams from small, family run companies as well as nationally known large scale developers such as Trump Grande International.   

John is a recipient of The National Association of Home Builders’ Sales Manager of the Year Award and The Million Dollar Circle Lifetime Award with over a BILLION dollars in total sales. 

 He is the founding professor of Sterling Learning Seminars, which hosts Selling on Stage, an advanced program on the science of sales and influence. He is also a prominent member and instructor for the Institute of Residential Marketing

He is author of Close and Grow Rich and his bestseller, What's Your Sales DNA?  Additionally, John appears regularly on the WJXT Morning Show in Jacksonville, Florida as their financial guru - "The Investment Gambler."

"Entertaining and educational...WOW what a combination! John is enthusiastic and very easy to work with. We were so thrilled with his presentation style that we immediately booked him for another engagement! I highly recommend John for anyone interested in improving their sales staff."
~ Linda Carton, Director of Associate Services - Home Builders Association
~ St. Louis, Missouri

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